Dog Friendly

Dog Friendly Abel's Restaurants

Dog Friendly Patio Rules

Attention Dog Owners:

1. Service animals are always welcome.

2. You never know when a squirrel will run by, so dogs need to be on a leash and well-behaved at all times even if their owners are not.

3. Our patio is both dog and human friendly, but mostly dog friendly.

4. Please make sure to have your dog go to the bathroom before bringing them onto the patio.

5. Please enter the patio from the outside to avoid any disruption.

6. Keep your dog close to you but not on surfaces such as tabletops and chairs.

7. No matter how much your dog loves bacon, please only give them dog treats – not food from plates.

8.  Please clean up after your dog.

9. Each dog owner is responsible for the behavior and action of their pets.  Dogs are not liable for the actions of their owners.

10.  In the event that any dog or it’s owner becomes aggressive or out of control, the owner will be asked to leave with their dog for everyone’s safety.

11. No dogs over 70 pounds.